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DSM makes A-location available for development of industrial building

Lucas van der Wee | cepezed

Companies that want to establish themselves in the Randstad will soon be able to do so at a unique A location in Delft. A new industrial building will be built right next to the historical centre of Delft, with a view of the new Spoorzone. DSM makes part of its own terrain on the southern tip available, on which cepezedprojects, Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling and Driestar will develop a sustainable building in the coming years. Architectural office cepezed is responsible for the design.

location with maximum exposure
The commercial building to be developed will be situated in a unique and prominent spot in Delft. From the building, potential tenants have an unobstructed view of the spatially laid-out underground railway zone and the historic buildings, including the monumental water tower and windmill of Delft. This sight location therefore offers maximum exposure. In addition to the panoramic view of Delft, the building is integrated into its surroundings and adds to the liveliness of the neighbourhood.
The multi-tenant building of some 10,000 m² will be designed to be flexible so that it can anticipate tenants' needs. The building can accommodate office, business and laboratory functions.

maximum accessibility
The location is easily accessible by train, bus and tram (station within walking distance), bicycle and shared scooter. It is also ideally accessible for car traffic both inside and outside Delft, with direct access to the A4 and A13 motorways. There are parking facilities on the premises and two large car parks nearby.

careful integration
From an urban development perspective, the development requires careful integration. The site lies between the Kalverbos, a green area with the water tower on the one hand, and the Agnetapark on the other side of the railway line. The building will also be the connecting link between DSM's open innovation campus, Biotech Campus Delft, and the city of Delft and its inhabitants.
In addition, the building will be located at a historic site. Until 2010 this was the site of the Bacinol building, where during World War II penicillin was secretly produced by the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Gist en Spiritusfabriek, DSM's predecessor. Bacinol was a code name for penicillin, to mislead the German occupiers.

winning and connecting design
The development consortium cepezedprojects, Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling and Driestar won the competition held by DSM in 2020 to develop the southern tip of their terrain and connect it to the city. All the previously mentioned unique points have been included in a winning idea. The aim is to connect the biotech campus and the bioscience industry (DSM) and the city centre (people from Delft) in a positive way. Both the greenery, the history and the renewal of the city are incorporated in the design.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed