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nature-inclusive new construction oldelft ultrasound tops out

Last Friday, Oldelft Ultrasound, ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, cepezed and other project partners celebrated another milestone in the realization of the new headquarters for Oldelft Ultrasound; the topping out! In the presence of alderman Bas Vollebregt, Oldelft Ultrasound CEO Rob Smallenburg raised a flag to the top of the nature-inclusive new building.

all in one

The circular new building on the southern part of the TU Delft Campus is a turnkey cepezed production. cepezedprojects developed the building and sold it to ASR Dutch Science Park Fund in the fall of 2019, architectural office cepezed and cepezedinterieur designed it and cepezedbouwteam is currently coordinating the realization.

circular & nature inclusive design

In the design, a lot of attention was paid to circularity and flexibility. For example, the prefabricated steel construction is assembled ‘dry’ and is easily demountable, so that the parts are useful for reuse. The hollow-core slab floors are also detachable and reusable. In addition, the building has a flexible layout, can easily be rendered suitable for multitenancy and is already prepared for possible expansion in the future. Thus, it is prepared in every way for altering use and a long-term future.

Nature-inclusivity is visible in the green façades that will be planted with climbing plants. The mix for this was chosen based on a cepezed-commissioned study into the local ecosystem. An ecological report and a nature-inclusive work protocol were set up for the realization of the new building. The protocol includes requirements for a construction site that is safe for flora and fauna. cepezedbouwteam supervises safety by means of weekly inspections, limitation of construction site lighting and a rainwater discharge that does not run towards the habitat of the water shrew.


The building with 3.840 m² lfa will be completed by the end of 2020 and will receive a BREEAM Excellent certification. Menno Rubbens, project developer & director cepezedprojects: “The integral collaboration of all cepezed expertises results in a flexible and future-proof building in which Oldelft Ultrasound can continue to develop itself. It is great that with this development, an innovative and knowledge-intensive manufacturing company will remain preserved for Delft for the long haul.”