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'Knowledge centre for circular construction and demolition' from old concrete colossus

Lagemaat BV

The vacant old county hall of Gelderland in Arnhem will get a circular second life. Lagemaat BV is going to carefully dismantle this concrete colossus via innovative dismantling techniques. With the dismounted elements, the company will realize a 'knowledge centre for circular construction and demolition', designed by cepezed.

co2 reduction
Instead of demolition, the former provincial office, Prinsenhof A, will be sustainably dismantled, commissioned by the Province of Gelderland. The nine-storey concrete colossus with some 7,400 m2 of floor space, plus facades, will serve as a comprehensive donor building. All concrete floor and fa├žade elements will be carefully cut free in order to be reused one-by-one as high-quality building elements. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve scarce raw materials. Concrete production causes enormous CO2 emissions, and reuse saves a lot of CO2.

knowledge centre
Part of the dismantled concrete floor slabs will be used in a new sustainable sports hall in Arnhem. Most of the other building materials and interior elements will be reused. Most of the floor slabs will be used as building elements for the new construction project of Lagemaat BV: a knowledge centre for circular construction and demolition. The aim is to create a meeting place for entrepreneurs, governments and education, a place for innovation and research to contribute to a circular and a CO2-free construction economy'.

cooperation Lagemaat
cepezed is going to design this knowledge centre for circular construction and demolition, commissioned by Lagemaat BV, with which cepezed cooperates more often. Together, the two companies examine how and where they are going to move the Zuiderstrandtheater Scheveningen. And Lagemaat BV is currently dismantling and moving the Temporary Court Amsterdam to Enschede. Early next year, they will rebuild the cepezed-designed building there.