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park hoog oostduin nominated for gulden feniks award

lucas van der wee

Once again cepezed is nominated for the NRP Gulden Feniks prize. Park Hoog Oostduin is one of the three contenders in the Transformation category for the 2020 edition of this prestigious award. In total, the jury received 70 entries, seven of which they nominated. The other four nominations are in the categories Renovation and Area Transformation.

living in the park
Park Hoog Oostduin is the transformation of the former Shell office on Oostduinlaan in The Hague into a modern apartment complex. The ensemble now contains about 230 homes of various types and sizes. The complex dates from 1968 and consisted of a rather closed arrangement of a large high-rise volume with a perpendicular lower building block. The lower building block has been demolished and replaced on the existing foundation by a much smaller-scale new building. As a result, there is now space between the volumes and the complex has become part of the adjacent park and Oostduin-Arendsdorp estate.

approach from the inside
In the high-rise buildings, high-quality homes have been obtained through an "approach from the inside". That means that as little as possible was demolished and removed to impose the new program, but carefully and thoughtfully puzzled to fit the building’s new function. Existing characteristics such as the fine-grid construction have been used as much as possible. The fullest possible reuse of the existing qualities has resulted in a maximum of possibilities being realized efficiently and effectively with a minimum of interventions, while respecting the characteristic nature of the complex.

gulden feniks award 2020
De NRP Gulden Feniks is the annual prize for the best renovation and transformation projects. The cepezed projects International Student House (2019 - category area transformation) and the Cacao factory (2015 - category transformation) were previously nominated.
The winners of 2020 will be announced at the NRP Congress on November 17, 2020. For more information, visit the website of NRP Gulden Feniks.

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lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed
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lucas van der wee | cepezed