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The Urban Development department at the municipality of Amsterdam asked cepezed to design a plan for a series of fast-food restaurants in Amsterdam Zuidoost. We made a design with an arch construction and a high ‘fun content’.

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  • Dienst Stedelijke Ontwikkeling Amsterdam
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  • Amsterdam Zuidoost
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    cepezed bouwteam

Pavilions with the fun factor  

The pavilions with the arched construction above are a little reminiscent of fairground attractions. We wanted them to resemble ‘normal’ buildings as little as possible, in order to increase the attention value. The arch construction itself makes the food strip clearly visible from the adjacent A9 motorway in Amsterdam Zuidoost. At night the construction is illuminated by LEDs.

Fas Keuzenkamp
léon van woerkom | cepezed

King of the food strip  

cepezed was responsible for the appearance of the whole location and designed the arches and the outdoor space. For the various pavilions, the catering businesses on the food strip had to choose their own architects. We asked them to design pavilions that resemble ‘ordinary buildings’ as little as possible. They did a good job of following the instructions. For example, the Burger King pavilion in Amsterdam Zuidoost was designed as a large yellow crown.

Fas Keuzenkamp

Steel arch construction  

Each arch on the food strip is connected to two other arches. Once at the top and once at the bottom.

Each arch consists of several parts, which were welded together on location. The footprint narrows and the height of the arches reduces along the row of arches. As a result, the curvature on each is different.

léon van woerkom | cepezed


  • stability: dhv
  • main contractor: cepezedbouwteam (at the time cepezed general contractors)