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Grote Markt Sint-Niklaas


Grote Markt Sint-Niklaas 

cepezed was commissioned to redesign the largest city square in Europe. For the Grote Markt in the Flemish city of Sint-Niklaas, we created a spacious design with a special peripheral zone.

  • client(s)
  • Dexia, Brussels
  • location
  • Sint-Niklaas, Belgie
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  • cepezed
Gert Cools

From chaos to tranquillity  

The square had been dominated by cars for a long time. The surrounding roads were crowded and the square itself was one large, untidy car park.

In our design for the new square, through traffic has been diverted. For local traffic, a clear and unambiguous traffic flow was designed. Parking is now arranged under the fringes of the square.

From chaos to tranquillity
Fas Keuzenkamp
Fas Keuzenkamp

The new situation  

For both pedestrians and cars, the square is now much more orderly. An inviting wooden promenade surrounds the square, where visitors can stroll, sit on a bench and meet friends. The central area is completely free of obstacles; events take place here on a regular basis.

The new situation
Fas Keuzenkamp
Fas Keuzenkamp


  • client: dexia bank
  • project management: starke diekstra
  • underground works: ingenieursbureau g. derveaux
  • aboveground works: arcadis gedas
  • main contractor: cordeel
  • other contractors: wegebo, terre armée, vande moortel, carrières du hainaut, boomkwekerij arbor

awards & nominations

  • bouwheer architect prize | 2005 | public space
  • honorary pennant pedestrians | 2005 | movement flanders
  • european lighting awards | 2005 | first prize
  • vlaamse stadsvernieuwingsprijs | 2004