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Shell-campus Kessler Park 

The former Shell R&D campus Kessler Park in Rijswijk has been acquired by Kadans Science Partner. In close collaboration with Kadans, cepezed is renovating the area to create an open, lively and liveable urban location with mixed functions.

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multi-tenant building with 63,000 m² of rentable floor space
The plan that we drew up together with Kadans was greeted enthusiastically by Shell, the municipality and the province. ‘The Kadans plan is the best match with the covenant partners’ vision and framework and brings the right experience of operating locations like this,’ said Shell’s CEO Marjan van Loon. Shell has more than 50 years of research history at the park and is keen to close it down in a good way.

The campus has over 63,000 m² of rentable floor space for offices and business premises. Approximately half of this is earmarked in the new plans for start-ups, mature businesses and knowledge institutions. By including shared functions such as a restaurant and meeting rooms, various properties will be suitable as multi-tenant buildings.

many opportunities for future developments
TNO has already established an innovation centre for energy and sustainability on the campus; this fits in perfectly with the vision, which focuses on innovation and knowledge sharing. Some of the existing office buildings will be converted to create various types of housing.

The Shell campus offers many opportunities for future developments. For example, the area is conveniently located next to Rijswijk railway station and on the knowledge-intensive axis of The Hague-Delft-Rotterdam. The area also contains a spacious, two-level underground car park. In addition, the Shell campus has a strong urban-design structure and high architectural quality. The level of finishing and the state of maintenance are also excellent.

connecting campus with the city
The transformation is taking place in several phases. The first is aimed at connecting the campus with the city. Ways to achieve this include making the hidden inner gardens accessible and creating new routes through the area.

cepezed also designed the research building The Accelerator at the Utrecht Science Park and the Plus Ultra building at the Bio Science Park in Leiden.


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