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Temporary court Amsterdam


Temporary court Amsterdam 

The temporary courthouse in Amsterdam was largely developed by cepezedprojects within the dpcp consortium. cepezed and cepezedinterieur designed the 5,400 m² new building. Currently, the building is being dismantled in accordance with the requirements after five sustainable years of service. In early 2023, the building will be rebuilt in Enschede.

  • client(s)
  • Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency
  • location
  • Amsterdam
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  • courthouse Amsterdam
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  • cepezed
    cepezed interieur
    cepezed projects
jannes linders

High requirements for a temporary building  

While new permanent accommodation is being built on the same plot, jurisdiction is continuing in the temporary new building.

The demands on this are high. For example, the interim character of the building must not detract from its distinguished appearance. Also, the conditions for aspects such as equipment, complex logistics, acoustics, comfort and safety are equal to those of permanent construction.

jannes linders

Avoiding waste  

From the perspective of social responsibility, client the Government Buildings Agency set great store on preventing waste. An important selection criterion was therefore the prevention of waste and the maximization of the residual value of the building.

léon van woerkom | cepezed
léon van woerkom | cepezed

Completely reusable  

On every scale, we searched for possibilities to reduce, reuse and recycle materials. Together with engineering firm IMd, we developed for instance a special attachment system for the hollow-core slab floors, which simplifies detaching and reusing the floor slabs as much as possible.

Reuse does not just concern the components, it even applies to the entire building: after the first period of use, it can be reassembled in its entirety at a different location, if desired also in a different configuration.

The building will be disassembled in the same way at Kennispark Twente in Enschede. Almost all the elements are moving with it, except for the cell blocks. There is no need for them in the new function of a business centre.

léon van woerkom | cepezed

key players about this project  

"We received what we wanted. And more, actually. We received a good quality building at an acceptable price. Circularity in a way that was very special then and is still special today," says Louise Attema (Government Buildings Agency).

"This building is unique because it was designed to be dismantled," says Arend van de Beek (Lagemaat): "In 30 to 40 years we will have to be working like this every day in the demolition industry."

"It is a building that can be disassembled by several parties. That way, you also guarantee that it can be reassembled in the future," explains Menno Rubbens, circular hero 2022 (cepezedprojects / dpcp).

Irma Thijssen (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) concludes: "Actually, every building should be remountable and not for demolition."

Watch the video on the next page.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
video van Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)
cepezed | léon van woerkom

Winning prizes  

In 2017, the temporary courthouse Amsterdam won the jury prize of the Amsterdam Architecture Prize (Gouden A.A.P.). The jury report and additional information can be found on the Arcam website.

léon van woerkom | cepezed

viewing tips  

The dismantling of the Temporary Court Amsterdam officially started with the loosening of the first nut on 9 November 2021. This was followed by a debate about circular and remountable building in practice, which was broadcasted live from the Temporary Court.

In this broadcast, Ronald Schleurholts (architect, cepezed-partner) and Menno Rubbens (cepezedprojects / dpcp) explain the entire project in a short video.

Francesco Veenstra (government architect) was a guest. Jim Teunizen (Alba Concepts), Jan Willem van de Groep (entrepreneur and inspirator), Arend van de Beek (Lagemaat) and Menno Rubbens (cepezedprojects / dpcp) entered into a live debate, led by Jort Kelder.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

Read tip: 3 phases of remountable construction,
with Temporary Court Amsterdam as a showcase.


  • primary client: rijksvastgoedbedrijf
  • contractual client: du prie / cepezedprojects
  • interior design: cepezedinterieur
  • stability: imd raadgevende ingenieurs
  • building services: ingenieursbureau linssen
  • building physics, acoustics & sustainability: lbp sight
  • main contractor: du prie bouw en ontwikkeling
  • contractor building services electrical: schoonderbeek
  • contractor building services mechanical: putman
  • contractor steel construction: dijkstaal
  • façades: willemsen veenendaal
  • photo artwork courtroom wall: marjan teeuwen

awards & nominations

  • national sustainability prize steel | 2018
  • amsterdam architecture prize (golden a.a.p.) | 2017
  • best collaboration project rijksvastgoedbedrijf | 2016
  • top 25 greenest buildings amsterdam 2000-2025 | 2022
  • top 7 green trendsetters amsterdam 2000-2025 | 2022