masterplan dsm delft

DSM is one of the world-leading companies in the field of biotechnology. Over the coming years, the enterprises’ premises in the city of Delft will be transformed into a high-grade industrial park for biothechnology which will optimally dovetail with the economic policy of the Dutch state and its sub-authorities regarding the stimulation of an innovative and knowledge-based economy.

Next to industrial functions, the grounds also include offices, which will be fitted a more prominent role in the near future. Additionally, the current buildings show explicit signs of ageing, while the public space is largely composed of hard surfacing and fragmentized greens.

In order to create and secure a high-grade spatial quality, cepezed designed a master plan which addresses subjects as new construction, improvement of the existing buildings and the intermediary landschaping.

The plan is directed toward a coherent and integrated industrial area wiht a representative and distinguishable character. The urban arrangement, the architecture of the buildings and the layout, furnishing and planting of the public space all play an important role in this.
delft / nederland