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happy holidays and a wonderful 2023!

lucas van der wee | cepezed

looking back
In 2022, it was possible to meet physically again: sharing knowledge, inspiring each other and ordinary conversation are now fortunately daily occurrences again. Meanwhile, a war raged in Ukraine, with all its consequences. The construction sector in the Netherlands had to deal with ever-rising gas and energy prices. This demanded more flexibility from designers. Innovation, coming up with smart solutions and especially good partnerships also became even more important.

happy new year
cepezed wishes everyone happy holidays and a healthy 2023. We would like to thank our partners for realising several beautiful projects in the past year. We look forward to the new year, in which we work on very diverse projects and cepezed will innovate even further - after all, we never stop learning.

office closed between christmas and new year
Between christmas and new year, from december 24 to january 1, our office is closed. From monday january 2, we will be back with full energy. See you soon!