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designs the inner world of buildings. Whether they’re by cepezed or another architect. With considerable empathy, a high level of technical elaboration and finish and a great deal of comfort and clarity.

cepezedinterieur works with the architects at cepezed as well as on independent commissions. Whether it concerns homes, offices, schools, healthcare facilities, leisure and cultural projects or, for example, the new pier at Schiphol Airport, we make pleasant, comfortable and lucid designs. Or give sound advice on layout and furnishing.

use and experience central

We adopt an integral approach that combines the opportunities and qualities of buildings with the identity and needs of the client and users. Aesthetics, technology and finish are part of a total concept. With plenty of room for ambiance and a minimum level of visual noise. The basis is always a strong structure in which each function has its own clear place. Special elements that actually break through this structure give extra cachet and identity. We pay a great deal of attention to the relationship between openness and shelter. After all, a good interior provides both airiness and space as well as a safe and secure feeling.

stimulating qualities

We have a great deal of experience with both traditional and modern workplace concepts. We also pay considerable attention to people meeting and interacting in buildings. Partly for this reason, our environments are acclaimed for their stimulating qualities. We combine the cepezed methodology of innovation and prefabrication with our love of craftsmanship, refinement and stratification. The attention we pay to realizing pleasant environments is visible and tangible in the various shapes, materials and colours we use.

Contact cepezedinterieur at or +31 15 215 0000.
cepezedinterieur also has regular job vacancies.


Det van Oers

interior designer

evelyne lankhorst

interior designer

Franka te Lintel Hekkert

interior designer

Leo Krommenhoek

interior modeller

Mark Bruin

architect craftsman

Larissa Hageman