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develops and redevelops private houses, commercial buildings, offices and leisure projects. Both as the risk-bearer and in the role of delegated developer. Always with attention paid to quality, circularity and commercially interesting sustainability concepts. We also provide a wide range of management and consultancy services in the field of building and area development.

In its development projects, cepezedprojects aims to achieve maximum value for all the parties involved, from the client to the user and investor. We are constantly developing new strategies to optimize the project value in each process step. For example, we pay a great deal of attention to the urban-design and architectural quality. And we develop new business models, financing options, partnerships and contract forms.

building as a product

We think carefully about the ways in which buildings can be used, now and in the future. We develop innovative technical solutions for adaptivity and are therefore closely involved in the actual realization of buildings. We take a close look at the materials and construction methods used, which support change and reuse. A ‘building as a product’, conceived as a building kit or kit-of-parts, offers ample opportunities for growth, shrinkage or even relocation to a completely different place than originally.

attention for sustainability

The attention we pay to circularity and sustainability is both economic and ecological. For instance, we also aim to achieve a low MPG value, an indicator of environmental performance that will become increasingly important in the coming years.

beyond the building design
cepezedprojects takes a design-driven approach, where the design aspect goes much further than just the building design. We not only go through integral development processes, but also help with services such as housing strategies, financing processes, zoning changes, stakeholder management and verification and validation methods.

Contact cepezedprojects at or +31 15 215 0999.
cepezedprojects also has regular job vacancies.


Menno Rubbens

project developer & director

Michael van der Gaag

project developer

Amin Tsouli

junior project developer

Oliver Martens

Freelance project developer