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Oldelft Ultrasound


Oldelft Ultrasound 

Oldelft Ultrasound develops and manufactures equipment for medical ultrasound diagnostics. Their new head office, with a flexible layout, is being developed by cepezedprojects. cepezed and cepezedinterieur made the design and cepezedbouwteam is leading the construction. Oldelft will be BREEAM-Excellent certified.

  • client(s)
  • cepezedprojects
  • location
  • Delft
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  • Oldelft ultrasound
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  • architects
    cepezed interior
    cepezed bouwteam
    cepezed projects

Green design  

The location of Oldelft is the TU Delft Campus: a green area with small channels of water and grassland. These surroundings are one of the reasons that cepezed opted for an ecological, nature-inclusive design. For example, the façades have 1.5-metre-wide vertical louvres with a mixture of climbing plants.

The louvres are an attractive place for insects and they can support nesting boxes for various types of birds. At the same time, they shield the human users of the building from intrusive lighting.

Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee

Circular and open design  

The square building measures 38 x 38 metres and is three storeys high. It consists of two generic bays with a central zone in between. Green platforms create an open area on each floor with pleasant views to and from all the departments.

The supporting structure consists of a steel skeleton with hollow-core floor slabs and for the sake of circularity, it is easy to disassemble.

Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee

the interior  

In the clean and tidy working environment with wear-resistant marbled resin floors, robust, sleekly designed furniture elements are positioned like islands in the rooms. In the r&d and office departments, they take various forms, including ordinary workspaces, phone booths and concentration areas, storage cupboards and small pantries.

A large part of the existing worktable inventory is being reused in the new furniture elements, from an economic and circular standpoint.

Lucas van der Wee
Lucas van der Wee


  • client / developer: cepezedprojects
  • investor: asr dutch science park fund
  • interior design: cepezedinterieur
  • construction coordination: cepezedbouwteam
  • stability: pieters bouwtechniek
  • building services: galjema
  • building physics, acoustics & fire safety: zri
  • sustainability: c2n
  • contractor building services: terberg totaal installaties
  • contractor steel construction: hofman staalbouw
  • green providers: weverling
  • research and advice: atkb
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