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realizes designs by architectural office cepezed without a main contractor and in direct collaboration with building partners. We monitor the starting points for budget and planning and coordinate the optimal implementation of the design. The process and all its steps are always fully transparent for the client.

cepezedbouwteam can be deployed as the connecting link between the design and implementation of projects designed by cepezed. On behalf of the client, we organize the tendering, work preparation and execution of all work tasks. We combine this with carrying out building management. Our way of working has significant advantages: process continuity, maximum quality and financial transparency. Shorter turnaround time is also an important plus.

coordination without main contractor

We organize and coordinate the construction without the intervention of a main contractor. For this purpose, we divide the implementation into separately tendered sub-contracts, so that we can select the construction partners directly and carefully on the basis of knowledge, price and quality. Whenever possible, we make the selection before the design is completed, so that we can move forward quickly when it is ready. This way of working fits in well with cepezed’s specific design philosophy, where buildings are realized as prefabricated building kits.

financial transparency

In each phase of tendering and implementation, we continually compare the actual construction costs against the design estimates. This enables us to anticipate both positive and negative financial developments in a timely and effective manner. The client has continuous financial insight and ultimately decides on all sub-tasks and expenses themself.

optimum knowledge-sharing and collaboration

Our way of working guarantees direct cooperation between the designers and construction partners. The designers continue to be involved and all knowledge of the specific issues is fully retained and can be used for the detail engineering. The designers and construction partners work together on the basis of complete and transparent provision of information. This results in optimal quality and a more efficient construction process. cepezedbouwteam brings all the parties together and coordinates the collaboration.

Contact cepezedbouwteam at or +31 15 215 0990.
cepezedbouwteam also has regular job vacancies.


Jan Houtekamer

project manager construction & director

Martin van Heuvelen

bouwprocesmanager zzp

Stefan de Jong

bouwprocesmanager zzp

Florien Mol

project owner

joost pauwelussen

projectleider & bouwprocesmanager zzp

Daan van Bergen

projectbeheerder zzp

Jeffrey Taekema