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Jinso pavilion


Jinso pavilion 

During the construction of large-scale buildings such as the Heineken Music Hall and the Pathé cinema, the owner of the neighbouring Jinso catering pavilion found that his business was in need of renovation. cepezed designed an extension to the existing pavilion, which we had already designed ten years earlier.

  • client(s)
  • Sijon Holding
  • location
  • Amsterdam
  • user(s)
  • Jinso
  • expertise
  • architects
    cepezed bouwteam

Building round the existing pavilion  

The initial Jinso building consisted of an elongated two-storey volume measuring 8 by 20 metres. Our new design is over 12 metres high and 30 by 43 metres in size. We placed the transparent, oval-shaped construction around the original structure, which provides a spectacular spatial experience. On the ground floor, the main volume has been narrowed by two metres. The upper floor consists of a gallery more than four metres wide.

The paving on the boulevard continues through the pavilion. Because large flower boxes were added at the same time the floor was cast, the bamboo plants form a natural addition to the pavilion. The renewed Jinso pavilion contains fully climate-controlled bar and restaurant functions.

henk schuurmans
fas keuzenkamp

Curves and bends  

The most striking aspects of the Jinso pavilion are the façade and the roof. The façade consists of cold-bent insulating glass, bent and installed using special suckers. On the ground floor, three-quarters of the building skin can be opened by means of a faceted folding wall where each individual part has another radian. Three stability braces have been included in the surface of the façade, two of them at the ends of the oval.

The roof is over two-and-a-half metres high and consists of eight large air cushions. These are mounted on a finely detailed steel construction of faceted delta beams. The cushions each have four EFTE layers and three air chambers per cushion. The EFTE is imprinted with a pattern by means of which the sun and light shading can be regulated by altering the air pressure in the innermost chamber. The air inlets for the cushions are integrated into the structure.

fas keuzenkamp


  • client: sojin holding
  • stability: dhv
  • building services: putman, mobius consult
  • building physics: mobius consult
  • construction coordination: bouwteam general contractors
  • contractor steel construction: meijers groep
  • façades: brs groep

awards & nominations

  • detail preis | sonderpreis glas | nominated | 2011
  • national steelaward | 2010 | industrial and public-utility buildings
  • amsterdam architecture prize (gouden a.a.p.) | 2009
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