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about cepezed 

cepezed has been developing, designing and realizing buildings that are both modern and timeless since 1973. The office has a broad portfolio, ranging from buildings for living and working to projects for healthcare and relaxation. We also design infrastructure and building products.

Our buildings are nice to be in; they breathe air and space. People feel both free and at ease in them. A high degree of flexibility and circularity allows them to be used in different ways again and again. The design and layout is often just that bit different from that of traditional buildings.

But not only the layout is different, they are also created differently. The layout of the buildings is logical and super-efficient, minimising the use of materials. Prefabrication and dry assembly are the norm, as are resourcefulness - from man-hours and materials to space and finances.

Environmentally conscious construction goes further than just being efficient with raw materials. For example, we increasingly use bio-based and nature-inclusive elements, well-considered energy and installation concepts and our designs are circular wherever possible. In addition, our buildings connect seamlessly to their surroundings.

cepezed employs a large team of architects, construction technologists and engineers and the business units cepezedprojects for the development, cepezedbouwteam for the realization and cepezedinterieur for the inner world of buildings; all in one.


The realization of our buildings requires a great deal of creativity, knowledge and skill. With a large team of architects, technologists, engineers, interior architects, developers, building coordinators and support staff, we have everything we need in house.


In articles, cepezed deals with its experience, knowledge and expertise. With these arcticles, cepezed explains, investigates and brings thoughts further by sharing them. cepezed partner Ronald Schleurholts discusses all kinds of themes in the stimulating columns he writes in construction newspaper Cobouw.


Informative, richly illustrated and with an award-winning design, cepezed regularly produces publications about its own work. Often in close collaboration with architecture, design and art publishers nai010, but entirely under our own control.

awards & nominations  

cepezed buildings are internationally acclaimed and honoured. For their circularity and sustainability, for example. Or for their functional quality and incentive to linger. Various projects have also been praised for their innovative solutions or the application of daylight.