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pleasure to be here 

cepezed creates buildings in which it is pleasant live, work, learn and recreate. They are light, spacious and healthy. Buildings that surprise them and in which they feel free and secure. And, moreover, that can be used in ever-changing ways. In short: where it is nice to be.

lucas van der wee | cepezed

pleasant and healthy
Openness and spaciousness are at the basis of all cepezed designs. This is expressed in clear sightlines and open spaces with lots of air and light. All spaces have natural daylight. Corridors end with a window, so that you always walk towards the light. Good orientation and a pleasant atmosphere come naturally from this.

A pleasant interior climate is important for a pleasant living, working or learning environment and therefore also for the designs by cepezed. Amongst other things, this is achieved by natural ventilation for good air quality and preferably individually adjustable temperatures. By using glass, there is always a connection with the outside and the surrounding greenery. A great deal of integrated interior greenery also contributes to a pleasant environment.

Open spaces and inviting staircases motivate users to move around the building on foot. This stimulates encounters between colleagues, cooperation and movement. In addition, the buildings are zoned according to use. The quieter places for silence and concentration gradually change into more dynamic places for working together and meeting people: from rest to noise.

partner in the process
Of course, it is not only about the end result. Also in the process, cepezed is a pleasant, professional partner to cooperate with, with clear communication in an understandable language. With an eye for the interests of other players in the process, but also enthusiastic, goal-oriented and pleasantly proactive towards the principal and the end user.

Jannes Linders
lucas van der wee | cepezed