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So far, we have published a series of catalogues and various monographs in book form about, among other things, our vision, working method and the importance of detail in our architecture. In addition, we issue special occasional publications, such as newspapers, an interior design fan and the collected Cobouw columns by cepezed partner Ronald Schleurholts.

cepezed columns  

A beautifully designed fan-folded book with a selection of the columns that cepezed partner and architect Ronald Schleurholts wrote between January 2015 and autumn 2019 for the construction newspaper Cobouw. The pieces were written from daily practice and also from the perspective of cepezed’s continuous pursuit of quality, innovation and the sustainability and professionalization of the construction industry. Above all, they are an invitation to a dialogue between the many partners inside and outside the building world.

cepezed@work (2015, 2016)  

Several editions of the company magazine cepezed@work. On the basis of a variety of projects, the editions provide insight into daily practice at cepezed. The newspapers, which are published in large format and on sturdy paper, give employees, design partners and clients, among others, the opportunity to have their say. You can read about subjects such as public-private partnerships, transformation tasks, sources of inspiration and circular building.

the work of cepezed - in detail (2013)  

The publication in detail zooms in on the close cohesion between function, concept, technology and elaboration in cepezed’s oeuvre. You can read how this cohesion is reflected in the refined detailing of our designs. The book opens with an extensive essay and continues with the presentation of no less than 15 projects, explained in text and drawings. It demonstrates that, for cepezed, the detail is an essential architectural design instrument at various levels of scale. In 2013, the book was included in the Best Dutch Book Designs exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

the work of cepezed – prototypes (2007)  

In this book, several authors examine the various aspects of product development, the building process and architecture in cepezed’s work. The writers include architecture expert Piet Vollaard, (by now) emeritus professor Jan Westra and senior lecturer in circular building Ed Melet. The book also documents nine characteristic example projects that explain the different arguments. The edition was originally sold together with the first catalogue in a luxury cassette. The set was nominated for the RIBA Book Awards.

the work of cepezed – catalogue (2006)  

The first catalogue of cepezed’s work, published in 2006 by the then-named publishing house 010. The book was designed by Reynoud Homan, with whom we still enjoy working. The book gives an overview of the transparent, sustainable, humane and technically advanced architecture with which we made a name for ourselves and covers more than 30 years of design expertise. The catalogue was also released in a luxury cassette together with the prototypes collection of essays described above. The set was nominated for the RIBA Book Awards in 2008.