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environmentally aware 

A building never stands alone; it is always part of its direct and less direct surroundings. It has an influence through the space it occupies, through its appearance, and through the raw materials and energy it consumes. cepezed therefore ensures a good integration and a high degree of sustainability and circularity.

integration into the surroundings
We carefully integrate our buildings into their surroundings. The construction volumes are compact, thoughtfully positioned and dimensioned and open up towards the outside. Moreover, they are never obtrusive, but always have a modest appearance. When designing, we immediately take into account possible expansions and future usage scenarios.

economical and adaptable
Our buildings are composed of prefabricated materials, which arrive at the construction site precisely on time to be dry assembled on site. This minimises the use of (raw) materials, while also greatly reducing construction waste and inconvenience to the surrounding area. In addition, prefabrication makes our buildings easy to detach, easy to maintain and easy to adapt to other functions.

sustainable and energy-efficient
Renewable and bio-based materials are a natural part of our construction packages. We are always looking for new, sustainable alternatives. Our designs are also daylight-rich, which means they use less energy for lighting. PV panels on roofs and in facades also generate energy. With these and other smart techniques, such as phase changing materials or advanced management systems, cepezed designs are regularly energy-neutral or even energy-producing.

cepezed closely cooperates with landscape architects and ecologists. To make the space around our buildings nature-inclusive, but also the buildings themselves. For example, we integrate a lot of green in, on and around our buildings, but we also incorporate facilities for birds, bats and insects. In this way, our buildings also make a positive contribution to their environment in terms of nature.

environmentally aware process
We continually strive for sustainability and health and have a great deal of experience with certification methods such as BREEAM, GPR, Leed, Passivbau and WELL. Because we have both driven entrepreneurs, large government institutions and international companies as clients, we are also well aware of the political and strategic environment in which projects often take place. cepezed is a partner in every step of the process.

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed