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Getting the most out of the available means; that is exactly what cepezed does every time. We deal with resources in an inventive and economic manner, from man hours and materials to space and finances. So that we can subsequently realize the highest possible levels of quality, usability and experience.

Lucas van der wee | cepezed

minimal use of materials
Well thought-out engineering and prefabrication result in a minimum of materials used, a minimum of construction errors and a shorter, more efficient construction process. In addition, this strongly contributes to the circularity and adaptability of buildings that cepezed advocates. With less use of materials, more budget is left for quality.

honest materials that may be seen
The shell of our buildings often directly forms the finishing touch: the constructions and installations are directly in sight, neatly organized and detailed. And thus unobtrusively and with great visual peace. This approach also contributes to minimal material use, a shortened construction process and cost efficiency. Our compact building structures simply do not contain more than necessary.

cepezed buildings are designed in such a way that they can easily change their function in the future. Floor areas, for example, can be partitioned independently and the routing and access are well-suited to different and changing uses. For example, an office and laboratory building can be rented out in its entirety or per floor area, and a research building can be transformed into an educational building with minimal intervention. Internal or external expansion is also often possible.

cepezed is professional and proactive. We like to think a few steps ahead and strive for early integral consideration of design solutions with our partners. During the process, we do not have to take any steps back and maximum quality is achieved within the set frameworks.

jannes linders
léon van woerkom | cepezed
jannes linders