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Hukseflux in Delft develops and produces a wide range of sensors and equipment for measuring heat flows, solar radiation and thermal conduction. cepezed designed a new company building for Hukseflux in 2011. With the same commitment - clear, efficient and industrial - cepezed will complete an extension in 2024, which will more than double the company area.

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Two levels on stilts  

Hukseflux's original office is an elongated two-storey volume built on a relatively narrow plot in the Delftechpark. The building block was completely lifted off the ground, leaving space for parking underneath. Both levels contain workstations for office and R&D staff as well as open arrangements of warehouse shelving.

cepezed | léon van woerkom

sleek facades  

The facades are clad in dark trapezoidal profiles that give the building a sleek appearance. Strips of glass in the aluminium frame system provide ample daylight and a view of the greenery. The head at the entrance is completely transparent. Here, the profile cladding continues around a hanging steel structure beyond the building, forming a high entrance veranda. In the extension, this head will become part of the atrium and the entrance will be relocated.

léon van woerkom | cepezed
léon van woerkom | cepezed

Concrete building  

The Hukseflux building is constructed almost entirely of concrete. The floors are composed of so-called TT slabs. In a TT slab, a thin concrete flange forms a unit with two high ribs. The 16-metre-long slabs span the entire width of the building. The installations and lighting are largely inserted between the ribs.

léon van woerkom | cepezed
léon van woerkom | cepezed

The multifunctional storage racks at Hukseflux  

The storage racks are part of the interior. Sleek, white interior elements are placed at the heads of these shelves. These act as pantries, storage cabinets, copiers and upholstered benches.

léon van woerkom | cepezed
léon van woerkom | cepezed


The main business addition of the extension - besides square metres - is the atrium. This is clearly visible in the centre of the building. The rhythm of the facades is interrupted here, as the facade is entirely made of glass and extends over two floors. The atrium will be a multifunctional space, for lunch, receiving guests, 1-to-1 consultations, presentations and celebrations.


Because of the large glass surfaces, the atrium requires shading. These take the form of racks covered with plants, perpendicular to the facade - just like cepezed applied at Oldelft. The entrance is marked by a tree on the ground floor, along which the staircase runs. The top is visible in the atrium.


  • client: hukseflux thermal sensors
  • project management: cepezedprojects
  • construction project management & construction coordination: cepezedbouwteam
  • architect: cepezed
  • interior design: cepezedinterieur
  • constructor: pieters bouwtechniek
  • building physics & sustainability: Physibuild
  • contractor building services electrical & mechanical: Solutionlab
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