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Van Maerlantlyceum eindhoven


Van Maerlantlyceum eindhoven 

The 100-year-old Van Maerlantlyceum in Eindhoven recently shows that it is ready for the future. cepezed and cepezedinterior designed the renovation and the new construction. The design focused on enhancing the existing, somewhat closed national monumental building. The open character of the new building created a learning environment that 'contributes to the journey of all users', where students 'learn from and with each other'.

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spacious and diverse  

Instead of one large atrium, various spaces with different sizes, views and characters will be created throughout the building. A suitable place for every occasion; calm and quiet for studying and open and cozy for breaks.

The original monumental building from 1953 will be renovated and adapted to the requirements of today. This concerns the classroom dimensions, solving acoustic problems and making the monument more sustainable. Over the years, the school has grown, which led to an expansion just a few years after its opening. The facades of this expansion will remain, and behind them we will position the new functions better.

Where the old building has a rather closed character, the new building opens up towards the park and the passing river the Dommel. In an open pavilion with a view over the park, special rooms are displayed, such as those for creative and technical subjects.


school at the park  

The Van Maerlantlyceum is situated at an unique location, surrounded by the green Dommelplantsoen. On the side of the adjacent residential neighbourhood, new volumes - especially on the ground floor - were kept small to strengthen the relationship between the neighbourhood and the park. Students place their bicycles in the existing basements, which allows the street view to become greener. This enhances the feeling of a school within a park.

The new building parts and the renovated interior echo the green character of the surroundings. Bio-based materials in natural tones are used in the entire building and the new atrium will contain many plants. The interior color palette is also inspired by the murals in the existing school, which date back to 1953. These colors are complemented by accents that contrast sharply.

The interior design corresponds to the current educational system and anticipates future learning methods, where collaboration and exploration will become increasingly important. In addition, cepezed ensured the entrance of much natural daylight and pleasant acoustics.


rich history  

The original building designed by architect Theo Taen was built in 1953 for the Sint Catherina Lyceum, a Catholic secondary school for girls. The design was based on Danish and Norwegian examples of 'Hall Schools', with classrooms organised around a central hall.

Several artworks were created for the central hall, including a sandstone statue of St Catherine by Frans Fritschy, murals by Lambert Simon and stained glass by Albert Troost.

In 1957, the building already appeared too small and was extended, again to Taen's design. In the decades that followed, the complex was renovated and extended several times. It was the task of cepezed and cepezedinterieur to incorporate this history in the design.

voorgevel 1953
lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee
lucas van der wee

educational support  

The new lyceum will be a building that is pleasant to all users and that facilitates education in the best possible way. A school where students, teachers and support staff feel safe and secure.

The active classrooms such as the lab, music, crafts and technology rooms are visible through large facades. The atrium retains the greenery from outside, creating a pleasant atmosphere and improving the indoor climate.

In this way, the building stimulates students to keep discovering and making new connections. This connects to the education of the future, which focuses on 'learning from and with each other'.



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