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Joël Klerks, architect 

has been working at cepezed since 2015. Enthusiastic and driven, he searches for the most beautiful way to combine pleasant spaces with technical solutions.

Joël studied architectural engineering at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft. With his graduation project on "design for disassembly", he won second place in the student STEEL award. This theme perfectly matched cepezed's design philosophy, where he consequently started immediately after graduation - in 2018, Joël completed his professional experience period at cepezed.

He focuses his talent for design in creating pleasant environments where people can work, stay and study. In doing so, he looks for a logical building structure in which special spatial experiences and a healthy dose of daylight are in harmony with the hard requirements, technical frameworks and health ambitions, often set by a schedule of requirements.

Joël's projects include Tilburg bus station, where flower boxes and a transparent canopy make waiting for the bus more pleasant, and the multitenant laboratory building Accelerator Amsterdam. He is currently working as a project manager on several assignments, including House of Quantum, the new building for Quantum Delta NL.