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Building a sustainable future

The fact that the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (state property agency) is taking the climate objectives for 2050 seriously is evident from the appointment of a transition team. In the manual ‘Bouwen aan een circulaire toekomst’ (building a sustainable future) the team collected practical information and inspiring projects. One of these is cepezed’s Temporary Court Amsterdam.

pioneering, discovery and daring
In the preface of the manual Annet Bertram, one of the directors at the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, concludes that sustainable construction is on the rise, but also still a matter of 'pioneering, discovery and daring'. Exactly what cepezed likes to do, just as we did with the Temporary Court Amsterdam for example. This building housed the Amsterdam Court for five years, and is entirely demountable and remountable so that it retained its value afterwards. Currently, the parts are in storage; in 2023, it will be rebuild in Enschede and serve as an educational and business centre in the Science Park.

financial aspect
Perhaps the most complicated and exciting part of the Temporary Court was its financial aspect. The Temporary Court was a Design, Build, Maintain and Remove (DBMR) contract, in which the consortium DPCP (cepezedprojects and contractor Du Prie) bore the full financial risk. The Rijksvastgoedbedrijf did receive a discount based on the residual value', Menno Rubbens of cepezedprojects explains in the manual, 'but DPCP was given the guarantee that it would become the owner of all building materials after five years'.

our greatest gain
At the beginning of 2022 yet another company got involved, as the Temporary Court was dismantled at the behest of Lagemaat BV. Rubbens considers this as 'perhaps our greatest gain'. Lagemaat transported the building materials and will rebuild the building in Enschede next year. Rubbens: 'We strive for efficiency by designing and building with prefab elements: a kit-of-parts. This prevents waste. The fact that the concept is also a viable option for other contractors is unique and sets a new standard for ‘circular’ design and development'.

Building a circular future  

The publication 'The state property agency - Building a Circular Future' explains the strategy of the state property agency with regard to circularity at portfolio level; Koers Circulair. And it gives, in over ten articles, a good impression of circular construction in different types of projects. A lot of experimentation and development has taken place in recent years. From renovation, new construction and demolition to maintenance.

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