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cepezed kivi-inspirator circularity


On Wednesday February 20th, cepezed-partner and architect Ronald Schleurholts will be one of the lecturers during an inspiration session on circularity organized by KIVI, the Royal Institute of Engineers. The session is intended for professionals in the construction process that are faced with the task of achieving sustainable ambitions; including clients, developers, designers, operators, constructors and suppliers.

The practical example discussed is the circular restaurant with urban farm and meeting centre The Green House in Utrecht. cepezed was an important carrier of this circular development. The architectural office inspired the realizing consortium including catering operator Albron to make The Green House a truly circular project and also designed the building.

In his lecture, Schleurholts elaborates on cepezed’s vision that circular building is feasible and scalable. Leadership stemming from everyone’s role in the construction process is an important success factor. Quartermaster of The Green House Rogier Joosten kicks the session off with an explanation of, among other things, the circular business case of the project.

For more information on the programme and participation, see the KIVI website.

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