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cepezed designs new logistics and environmental building tu delft

cepezed and cepezedinterieur are to design the new Logistics and Environment Building on the south campus of the TU Delft. The building of approximately 2500m² functions as a storage, collection and distribution location for dangerous gases, liquids and explosives used by the faculties and will be an example of sustainability and circularity on the campus.

circular and biodiverse
Where logistic or environmental centres are often hidden away, we see an opportunity to make this building visible and to set an example in the area of sustainability. The location offers excellent opportunities to connect to the surrounding polder landscape with a nature-inclusive design. As with the neighbouring Oldelft Ultrasound, we are working with a landscape architect to see how the plot can be optimally laid out and contribute to the biodiversity of the campus as a whole.

The client has high ambitions for the circular disassembly and flexibility of the building. The aim of the design is to match these with the logistical processes and safety requirements associated with the use of hazardous substances.

safety and human environment
The complexity of the task lies in the combination of safe storage of hazardous substances and the desire to create a pleasant environment for employees.

By clustering different zones and functions according to type of substance, safety level, use and accessibility, we create a logical and clear arrangement within a generic main structure. This clustering guarantees safety and ensures clear logistic flows. An optimal building layout is combined with a concept of minimal use of materials and maximum flexibility of use. A modular and demountable design approach makes the building adaptive.

The use of plenty of daylight, natural ventilation and visual relationships with the outside world guarantees a pleasant and healthy working environment for the specialised staff of Logistics and Environment.