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lucas van der wee | cepezed

Recently, cepezed architecture gained a new branch: cepezedbouwteam (cepezed building team). Fitting the philosophy of cepezed to support clients in a full-service manner as much as possible and to guarantee the highest quality in realization, cepezedbouwteam forms the connecting link between the design and construction of projects that architects cepezed designs.

cepezedbouwteam as advisor is a driving force in the design and construction process. At each stage the team brings together the parties that best suit the assignment and ensures close collaboration and continuity. cepezedbouwteam guards the objectives of functionality, quality and planning, as well as the budget. The construction team also thinks critically with all supplying parties and constantly reflects on whether all the potential of the budget is being fully utilized. Important developments and decisions are always discussed with the client.
Housed in the same building as cepezed and cepezedinterior, the lines with the design team are undeniably short; a quick deliberation is no more than a few desk tables away. The team organizes and coordinates the construction work without the intervention of a main contractor, which in practice means a strong cost saving but with full control on the quality and planning. At the start of the millennium cepezed already realized several projects in a very similar way. With the current strong dynamics in the construction sector, where costs are rising and capacity is under pressure, cepezedbouwteam offers security for the client.

The new commercial building of LAN Handling Technologies, designed by cepezed architects, is the first project that the cepezedboutteam has undertaken. Fully supervised by cepezedbouwteam the construction started last March and at the moment the main steel construction is progressing rapidly. The completion of the building is planned for February 2019. Other cepezed projects that are already being supervised by cepezedbouwteam are the Building D of Creative Cluster Delft and the transformation of Armamentarium Delft (client cepezedprojects and Driestar). cepezedbouwteam consists of project manager and director Jan Houtekamer and construction process managers Stefan de Jong and Martin van Heuvelen.Click here for more information about cepezedbouwteam.