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Haarlemmermeer gets a new inviting and sustainable town hall


An inviting, functional, user-friendly and sustainable town hall, that is what the inhabitants of Haarlemmermeer are getting. The Municipality of Haarlemmermeer has opted for the design by the architectural office cepezed. According to the municipality, the draft design by cepezed shows a beautifully designed and modern building with an open and attractive atmosphere with a 'round heart' as eye-catcher. "Together with the functional and clear layout, which fits in well with the municipal organization, this made cepezed's sketch design the best design."

Fouad Sidali, as alderman responsible for the new city hall: "The choice of an architect and a sketch design is a special milestone. It was preceded by a careful selection procedure and I am pleased with the result. We are getting a town hall that will last us for decades. It's great that sustainability is an important part of the design. Now we are going to work out the design further. I hope to be able to show the design to the residents soon".

inviting meeting place
The new building will provide residents and employees of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer with a contemporary and sustainable meeting place. The whole is an asset to the city centre. In the attractive, spacious entrance hall, inviting reception desks ensure more personal contact and bring the residents and municipality closer together. The daylight, use of wood and greenery in the multifunctional atrium create a warm welcome. The layout of public, semi-public and staff areas with long sightlines is friendly and clear. Employees move into a single, orderly building, with a choice of different workplaces. Thanks to its accessible design, the town hall invites residents to stop by. The building is designed to make everyone feel welcome.

round heart as eye-catcher
A real eye-catcher of the town hall is the beautiful three-storey 'round heart' that protrudes through the roof. It contains the reception desks, the wedding room with a view of the atrium aswell the outside, the council chamber, with on the top a public roof terrace. The heart - to which the citizens' hall is attached - is embraced by an attractive staircase that connects both the wedding rooms and the citizens' hall with the public hall. Literally and figuratively, this is the heart of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer.

fitting in the environment
The building is visibly sustainable from the outside, with lots of green and solar panels on the roof. The public functions, such as the counters and the council chamber, can also be seen clearly from three sides, which makes the whole transparent. With its shape and height, the design fits well within the existing building. By placing the entrance on the Raadhuisplein, the lively square is involved in the building. In this way, the town hall emphatically becomes part of the environment and actively contributes to the ambition to create an attractive and vibrant city centre.

visible history
Although the building looks modern, the unique history of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer is also reflected. The proposals by cepezedinterieur show this in the interior and in the detailed finishing. Moreover, various elements from the present town hall that refer to the identity and history are given a new purpose in this design.

The present town hall of Haarlemmermeer is seriously outdated and no longer complies with the contemporary requirements set for a building for work. In addition, the maintenance costs and energy consumption are very high. Building a new town hall is therefore cheaper than renovating the current town hall. Therefore, the municipal council decided in May 2020 that a new town hall will be built. In 2022, the sketch design will be further developed into a final design. The construction of the new town hall is scheduled to start in 2023.

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