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Start of nitrogen low construction of secure care centre next to nature reserve

du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling

It can be done, low-nitrogen construction. In Scheveningen, Du Prie and cepezed demonstrate how. With electric building equipment, a new care centre rises on the grounds of the PI Haaglanden. By going further than currently prescribed by the nitrogen standard, the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf shows itself to be an ambitious client.

The Penitentiary Institution Haaglanden on the border of Scheveningen is intended for litigants who need mental or somatic care. In mid-June 2022, the construction of a new Judicial Centre for Somatic Care (JCfSC) started on the site. By opting for electrical equipment, the litigants experience minimal inconvenience from the construction work. For example, the foundation is not driven, but screwed electrically and as such barely audible. And construction workers are transported with electrical vehicles to and from a car park a little further in the city.

pleasantly surprised
In this manner the build is low in nitrogen emissions. Low nitrogen emissions were a requirement when the consortium dpcp (Du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling and cepezedprojects) was awarded the contract, since the PI is situated close to two protected dune areas. However after awarding the contract, the rules were relaxed. Nevertheless, the client, the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, maintained the original plan. The Rijksvastgoedbedrijf is 'pleasantly surprised by the possibilities of low-nitrogen construction' and wants to 'contribute to knowledge development'.

The care centre will consist of a two-storey main building with three single-storey wings. litigants can go there for care that cannot be provided in any of the other judicial institutions. For example, they can recover from a hospital admission or rehabilitate there. The garden around the three wings is partly accessible to the inmates, even in a wheelchair or bed. The garden design and planting scheme are based onto the surrounding dune landscape.

sophisticated process
An innovative design such as the new JCfSC stands or falls with a sophisticated process and prefabricated components. Although not part of the brief, cepezed's design of the light, high-quality prefab elements was also based on reuse. Thus, the JCfSC could also be dismantled after ten years in order to be used elsewhere.

du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling
du Prie bouw & ontwikkeling
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