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mecc maastricht transformation in full swing

Newspaper De Limburger already labelled the new cepezed and cepezedinterior-designed MECC as light beacon in the area. The transformation is still in full swing. Implementation work started last summer. In the meantime, the contours of the new complex are becoming increasingly clear!

new construction and south entrance

The two auditoria in the heart are characteristic of the MECC congress section. These are retained as a central eyecatcher, but several small volumes around them were recently demolished. This has made way for the new construction of the convention center, a transparent volume with a glass façade that surrounds the auditoria on the south side. Under the name Brightlands Meeting Point, the new construction will offer space for new meeting and conference facilities as well as additional exhibition foyers.

For a smooth, spatial connection of the new construction to the adjacent Forumplein (Forum Square), the square and the underlying parking garage were somewhat reduced and aligned. To this end, the existing deck was partially removed, soil was excavated and a retaining wall was installed. The existing entrance on the Forumplein has also been demolished. The steel structure for a new one has already been installed.

forum passage

Work has also been done on renewing the Forum passage between the congress and event part of the complex. The former stores in the passage have been stripped completely. They will be given a new layout and decoration and will become a multifunctional part of the new conference facilities. Along the north side, the existing passage façade has been replaced with a completely glass curtain wall. Also, the passage has been equipped with a high void there, that allows for lots of daylight and spaciousness.

expo foyer

The existing exhibition foyer on the west side was also given a makeover. The space was repainted, it got new floor coverings, a new ceiling and new blinds and it has already been put into use again.

next step

The next step is the further foundation of the Brightlands Meeting Point. The piles have already been positioned, the beams and ground floor will follow. The central auditoria will also undergo a makeover, of course. The completion of MECC is planned before the Tefaf art fair of 2021, which takes place in March. We will keep you informed!

lucas van der wee | cepezed
lucas van der wee | cepezed