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preparations started: oss is new location circular zuiderstrand theatre

gemeente Den Haag

The Hague's Zuiderstrandtheater, located in the dunes of Scheveningen, is being disbanded. It has not been in use since the opening of culture house Amare in the centre of The Hague. The temporarily built theatre will be dismantled and reused in its whole as part of a new culture cluster in Oss. Lcp-circular (combination of Lagemaat and cepezedprojects) has now started dismantling and moving the building elements.

proven hall of the Zuiderstrandtheater
'It is a venue that has proven itself in terms of atmosphere and a stage that has proven itself in terms of possibilities. So yes, I think it really is a godsend,' director Coen Bais of theatre De Lievekamp told TV West in April 2022.

part of new building
In Oss, there are plans to restructure the current theatre De Lievekamp and centre for the arts Muzelinck. The Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague will soon become part of these plans in its entirety. Architectenbureau cepezed, together with PBTA, Aronsohn and Nelissen, is making a preliminary sketch design commissioned by the municipality of Oss.

away from Scheveningen
The Zuiderstrand Theatre is expected to disappear from Scheveningen altogether this year to make way for the planned development of an apartment complex.

gemeente Den Haag