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Feasibility study reuse Lek bridge


Feasibility study reuse Lek bridge 

The bridge over the River Lek near Vianen was one of the busiest connections between the north and south of the Netherlands since 1936. But it became redundant when the immediately adjacent Jan Blanken bridges were taken into use in 2004. Together with Expericon, Hollandia Infra, Mammoet and the IV Group, cepezed looked for possibilities for redevelopment and reuse.

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Restoration better than demolition  

Sustainability, circularity and uniqueness were important motives for exploring the options. Restoration and building development would avoid generating thousands of tons of largely unusable residual material. They would also avoid the costs and energy for dismantling and disposal. Moreover, valuable industrial and infrastructural heritage would be preserved.

In the plan, zero-on-the-meter apartments would be built on the bridge ramps. Under the arch of the actual bridge there would be a hospitality and conference pavilion.


Equipped for the challenges  

The pavilion and the homes on the Lekbrug could serve as a characteristic reference for innovation, creativity and sustainability. They could be built with a minimum of lightweight materials. Daylight and outdoor space were prominent features and the view for the residents was typically Dutch and unparalleled.

Rijkswaterstaat gave us the opportunity to elaborate our proposal in more detail on aspects such as technology, finances and regulations. However, it did not get past the objections of the municipalities concerned. They concluded that it did not fit in with the spatial plans for the floodplains.


Inspiration for similar opportunities  

The consortium hopes that the plan can still serve as inspiration for other, similar places.

cepezed director Jan Pesman: ‘With the inevitable further modernization, beautiful old constructions regularly fall into disuse. Smart solutions can often be found to devise and design unique new functions for them. We love working on challenges like this; reuse gives extra layers to the historical setting and immense added value to the new functions. Besides, it’s just the sustainable thing to do, of course.’



  • circular construction consultant: cepezedprojects
  • steelwork consultant: hollandia infra
  • stability consultant: iv-groep
  • execution location consultant: mammoet
  • organization: expericon
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