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Theatre Speelhuis


Theatre Speelhuis 

The Speelhuis Theatre in Helmond burned down in December 2011. The municipality asked cepezed to think up a temporary replacement in the Our Lady of the Assumption church. This neo-Byzantine domed church is a listed building, which meant that damage to the construction had to be minimal. Therefore, we designed all interventions reversible.

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  • municipality Helmond
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  • Helmond
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  • Theater Speelhuis
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oude situatie

The domed church in the theatre  

In our design, the rich ornamentation of the domed church has remained clearly visible and has explicitly been integrated into the ambiance. In the theatre auditorium, you see the characteristic elements of the Helmond domed church everywhere. These include the wall and ceiling paintings, the organ and the stained-glass windows.

jannes linders
Jannes Linders

The seating platform in Speelhuis Theatre  

The routes to and from the seating platform are very intuitive: the seats can be reached from the front and the rear. The balustrades contain the lighting for the circulation paths and part of the acoustic insulation. They also have a structural function.

jannes linders
tekening tribune speelhuis helmond | cepezed
Jannes Linders

Speelhuis Theatre at home in the domed church  

The new Speelhuis Theatre is a success with artists and audiences in Helmond. That is why by now, the accommodation in the Helmond domed church is not temporary anymore, but permanent.

Jannes Linders
Jannes Linders


  • client: gemeente helmond
  • stability: swinn
  • building services: ingenieursbureau linssen
  • building physics: scena
  • main contractor: hurks
  • contractor steel construction: smederij verbruggen

awards & nominations

  • mies van der rohe award | 2014
  • practical excellence in design award | 2014 | runner up
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