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Eldrich Piqué, architect 

eldrich piqué, architect Eldrich has worked at cepezed since 2021. He is an energetic team player who brings his profound knowledge of building practice to design in an inspiring way. Eldrich is meticulous, flexible and enormously sharp-minded.


Eldrich completed his studies at the Academy of Architecture with a design for a Surinamese literary museum in Amsterdam. Due to his multicultural upbringing, Eldrich knows well how to move in different environments. In his role as project manager, he combines this trait with a natural empathy and a goal-oriented attitude.

The fact that architects, construction technologists and engineers work together at cepezed appeals to Eldrich. He feels at home in the mix of disciplines. 'With cepezedinterieur, cepezedbouwteam and cepezedprojects, cepezed has a unique amount of knowledge under one roof. And as a result, you can also offer a more complete package.' It deepens and broadens his quest for designing and constructing logical and super-efficient buildings.

Eldrich is proud of his additions to the care centre the PI in Scheveningen and the VU AB wing. The PI was the first project he worked on from start to finish. 'The building was really designed and executed from the cepezed DNA.' What appeals most to him about the VU project is the quality protection during the large amount of reuse and the ambition around circularity. 'Because reuse will be ever more decisive in the future, you can see this as a pilot project. That makes it extra special.'