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Gero Rutten, architect 

has been working at cepezed since 2017. He sees himself as punctual, precise, rational and down-to-earth, but combined with a good dose of humour.

Gero completed his studies at HTS Architecture in Tilburg and graduated with honours from TU Delft four years later.

In his solid professional career, he worked the first 31 years at Koen van Velsen architects. This is where he built imposing and award-winning works. The most recent example is the OV-Terminal combined with offices and housing in Breda. His role at this office mainly comprised being project leader of the construction preparation and execution phases.

What he appreciates most about cepezed is its efficient, rational and technical way of thinking. His preference for and thorough knowledge of the technical side of architecture was already expressed in internships and work experience during his two studies.

Gero has strongly developed into and proven himself as a driven, accurate, determined architect. He knows all the small details and keeps a complete overview of the bigger picture of the project and the team. These are exactly the qualities he now fervently applies at cepezed for coaching and supporting various complex projects and their project leaders. Among other things, he does this as part of the TECK team.