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ivan avdić, architectural engineer 

has been working at cepezed since January 2022. Already during his studies at TU Delft, he focused on sustainability in architecture.

Ivan has a fascination for parametric and generative design, in which artificial intelligence is used to investigate design options based on set requirements and parameters. It particularly appeals to him that this design method can contribute to a more sustainable building sector. For his graduation from TU Delft in 2019, in Building Technology, Ivan developed a plug-in for the 3D design programme Grasshopper which, starting from the design, suggests the optimal construction. This saves material, especially in constructions with concrete where CO2 emissions are huge.

Before joining cepezed, Ivan worked at the Serbian equivalent of the College of State Advisors and at architecture firm GIR. In both places, his expertise and passion for sustainability came in useful. But he thinks it is important as an architect to take a structurally critical look at the impact of buildings on the environment and to constantly sharpen his vision on sustainability.

It appeals to Ivan that cepezed has completely freed itself from stylistic or decorative dogmas, as he puts it himself. Form and use of materials are honest and converge the function. In combination with the exceptional attention to detail within the office, you can therefore be sure that cepezed buildings are efficient, functional and pleasant to use. At cepezed, Ivan is designing on the Smart Mobility Hub in Amsterdam.