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Smart Mobility Hub


Smart Mobility Hub 

The area between Duivendrecht station, the Johan Cruijff Arena and the Amstel Business Park is set to become a lively district in the coming years. A large park, five thousand homes, business spaces, hospitality and a sports complex are scheduled to be built. A 42,600m² plot of land has also been prepared for building the Smart Mobility Hub, a central link between the new extensions .

  • client(s)
  • Municipality of Amsterdam
  • location
  • Amsterdam
  • user(s)
  • event visitors and Amsterdammers
  • expertise
  • architects

the design  

cepezed and Buro Sant and Co translated the brief for the Smart Mobility Hub into an imposing building with as much daylight as possible, flexible zoning and a future-proof construction. The first two floors provide space for various forms of mobility, parking and shared transport. A plinth with both social and commercial programs connects the Smart Mobility Hub with the Johan Cruijff Boulevard. On the roof will be a public sports park with all kinds of sports facilities. The route from the street to the roof is carefully designed to naturally connect the sport park to the ground level.


Thanks to the Smart Mobility Hub, the large parking lots around the Johan Cruijff ArenA will become a thing of the past. The new garage will have space for 2,100 (shared) cars, approximately 90 coaches, cab and shared-scooter stands, a kiss & ride zone and bicycle parking. The parking space is flexible to accommodate, for example, extra large numbers of coaches due to an event at the adjacent Ziggo Dome or Johan Cruijff ArenA. Part of the garage is designated for bicycles and there are plenty of charging points for electric vehicles. Thus, the building contributes to smarter and clean city logistics and fulfills the increasing demand for charging points.

Sport roof  

On the roof will be a comprehensive sports park aimed at a wide variety of audiences. In addition to 3 soccer fields, among others, there will be a padel court, basketball court, calisthenics hub, powerhill, freerun zone and multi-field. The sports fields are for shared use, both for local amateur clubs and athletes from Zuidoost, as well as practitioners of specific sports from the wider area. The sports park is designed according to the principles of the Athletic Skills Model, which combines various basic forms of exercise. To this end, between the sports fields there are various movement elements, such as an asymmetrical tower, sports track, waveline, wobble staircase and kids zone.


The Smart Mobility Hub is constructed of prefabricated elements that can be easily disassembled. This makes the building adaptable. Should mobility resources change in the future, the Smart Mobility Hub easily changes with it despite its large size. The same flexibility applies to the plinth, which can easily be adapted to changing users and is, as it were, loosely slid into the building. Here there will be room for social amenities, services, stores and restaurants, among other things. This makes the plinth the face of the Smart Mobility Hub on the Johan Cruijff Boulevard.

exciting staircase  

The "face" of the Smart Mobility Hub has a friendly wooden plinth, which is, as it were, loosely slid into the building. The route from the street to the roof is invitingly designed to emphasize that the roof park is intended for everyone. At the same time, it is an announcement for the exciting program to be found upstairs.


  • client: municipality of Amsterdam
  • landscape architecture: Buro Sant en Co
  • sport advisor: ASM Kragten
  • building physics and wind protection: Lbp | sight
  • installation advice: Galjema
  • mobility: Goudappel Coffeng
  • construction team: Heijmans
  • specialist outdoor sportfields: Finovi
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