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Jaap Bosch, architect 

since 2012, he has been working at cepezed. As an all-rounder, he enjoys switching between the phases of the design process. He can be trusted to present a design in a catchy manner - orally, textually or by means of a quick hand sketch.

Lucas van der Wee

Jaap studied Architecture at TU Delft, with a major in Interiors Buildings Cities.

His way of working and designing at cepezed feels at home: analytical, structured, down-to-earth and with an eye for detail. This way of working also comes into its own in renovation assignments, in which even the most stuffy 1980s office is revived.

The example of this, according to Jaap, is the government Office De Knoop and the adjacent circular pavilion The Green House in Utrecht. He has been involved from the first sketch to completion, resulting in two very different, sturdy buildings. Jaap has also enjoyed working on a large number of tenders, a series of which were also successful.