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Jasper Manders, architect 

Jasper has been working at cepezed since 2016. Due to his strong analytical ability, he quickly masteres new techniques and is an expert in unravelling complex systems.

Jasper is a true system thinker and therefore fits well at cepezed, where system thinking is the modus operandi. As an architect, he searches for efficient solutions that, preferably, address multiple design issues. Jasper works on projects both in the acquisition phase and in the following phases. He designed a sleek business building with laboratories, but is also on the team thinking about the reuse of discarded rotor blades for Vattenfall in the What if Lab (Dutch Design Foundation).

Another circular project Jasper is working on is the Circular Centre Heerde for dismantling company Lagemaat. Especially in the latter project, for which partly progressively reused building elements are provided, it is clear that creativity is always at the top of Jasper's mind and that he is a flexible thinker.

Jasper was educated at TU Delft, after obtaining a propaedeutic degree in Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. For his master's at TU Delft, he followed the Architecture, Urbanism & the Built Environment track and was an exchange student at the University of Melbourne. In 2019, Jasper won the first BNA ArchiTents Challenge with his Inside out There tent.