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Jasper Manders, architect 

has been working at cepezed since 2016. His strong analytical skills make him skilled at mastering new techniques and figuring out complex systems. Data trends and patterns have no secrets for him; to achieve smart buildings, you have to work smart.

After graduating from Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology, Jasper studied Architecture, Urbanism & the Built Environment at TU Delft - with an exchange with the University of Melbourne. In 2019, he completed his professional experience period at cepezed and is registered as an architect.

Jasper looks for efficient solutions that, preferably, address multiple design issues. This defines him as a systems thinker, something he sees very much reflected in cepezed's modus operandi. Jasper works both in acquisition phases of projects and in the elaboration of projects such as the research building Plus Ultra in Leiden.

In 2019, Jasper won the first BNA ArchiTents Challenge with his Inside Out There tent. Together with Karsten Tents, he was able to realise his design, after which it received a place of honour at the Lowlands festival.