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Maarten van Blokland, architectural engineer 

Maarten has been working at cepezed since 2021. With his background in high-performance sports, he brings a competitive attitude to cepezed. Performing at his best and continuing steadily is really instilled in Maarten.

cepezed was in 2021 nothing new for Maarten. In 2017, he gained his first work experience with us during his internship, after which he started working as a working student in the summers of 2019 and 2020. At the same time, he was doing his master's degree in architecture at TU Delft. He completed this with a graduation project for which he researched the redevelopment of an old power station in the heart of Rotterdam. Integrating the needs and values of the local residents and environment were the main focus, because 'architecture must be used', says Maarten. 'People and use give colour to a design.'

Many aspects of cepezed appeal to Maarten, such as making and recognising patterns as well as purposeful making exceptions. To Maarten, cepezed's designs are not only aesthetically appealing, he also considers their functional side to be important. Maarten likes that cepezed offers room for pioneering, in the field of demountable construction and the kit of parts principle.

Maarten was part of cepezed's tender team for a long time. He is proud when ideas from tenders turn out to hold up in later phases of the design. The best part is experiencing this in the building itself: 'Then you walk through it and notice that the form, material, spatial relationships and functionality were right from the very first idea.'