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Martin van Toorn, architect 

Martin has been working at cepezed since 2010. He enjoys creating beautiful buildings for different specific user groups or clients in which people feel comfortable.

Martin studied architecture in Utrecht and graduated in Construction Engineering. In Delft, he graduated from the Technical University as an architect.

At cepezed, Martin enjoys the challenge of thinking buildings integrally, with solutions in which aesthetics and functionality reinforce each other. He constantly asks himself how something can be done smarter, more sustainable and better in a time where circular construction is an important theme.

In doing so, Martin likes complex puzzles. For example, at the MECC in Maastricht, despite the unruly existing building, he succeeded in unifying the complex and increasing its appearance, logistics and quality of stay. The transparent new building opens up the complex and connects seamlessly with the existing building and routing. During the complex renovation and new construction, the complex must remain in use as much as possible.

A similar design puzzle is InHolland's new Amsterdam education building. It is a combination of a large-scale building with high sustainability requirements, many urban planning frameworks and a clear internal organization with a great diversity of study places