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Martine Boele, bureaumanager 

Martine has been working at cepezed since 2019. She is result-oriented while keeping a close eye on the person behind the result. In this way, she secures and improves cepezed's role as an employer.

Martine holds a degree in Human Resource Management from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and previously worked for ING and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations - as HR Business Partner and senior HR advisor, respectively. At the ministry, she also held the role of team manager for business operations.

In her position of bureaumanager at cepezed, Martine contributes to the continuous improvement of cepezed's operational management. She coaches the employees and is a sparring partner for her business management colleagues. Between office management and operational management, Martine is exactly where she needs to be. She always looks for the connection between people and asks questions - both about someone's ambitions and more personal aspects - without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Martine has held the position of bureaumanager since 2022, having previously worked as head of HR for three years. When improving operations, this gives her a broad view of the company and allows her to tackle topics from different angles. Martine streamlines the agency's 'hardware' and keeps annual priorities sharp. She looks for the most challenging inputs for adjusting the business strategy and leads the process on this.All her activities are focused on making cepezed one step better every time.