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Myrna de Vries, process expert 

Myrna has been working at cepezed since 2019. She combines a friendly, cheerful personality with a high level of empathy.


Before joining cepezed, Myrna worked in the art and wall design business for eight years. She worked on both new construction and existing buildings. As a Delft based woman and lover of 'inspiring environments', as she puts it herself, Myrna already knew cepezed. So when she came across a vacancy at cepezedbouwteam in 2019, she did not have to give it much thought. The connection was proven mutual. Myrna enjoyed working for cepezedbouwteam for a year and a half and then joined cepezed as a process expert.

At cepezed, process optimisation means examining whether the process is structured in such a way that those involved are optimally empowered. Myrna critically traces unnecessary factors in order to achieve a maximum result in as few steps as possible. 'The quality is found in simplicity,' says Myrna. She finds this love for 'quality in simplicity' in the architecture of cepezed, where unnecessary details are consistently omitted. The designs of cepezed appeal to her 'because they go back to the essence: the function of the building.'

Not surprisingly because of her calm, understanding appearance, Myrna also offers a listening ear and advice in her role as cepezed's confidant.