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niek buchner, architectural engineer 

has been working at cepezed since 2021. It appeals to him that through architecture he can contribute concretely to a sustainable living environment, while also giving space to his passion for sketching.

Niek obtained his master's degree in Architecture at TU Delft, after a bachelor's degree in Architecture. An interest in architectural history made him choose the Heritage & Architecture graduation track. His graduation assignment concerned the transformation of a monumental department store in the city center of Leiden into a circular hub with attractive public functions for the city. Such tasks, "making a building with an old soul relevant for the present," still appeal to him, but he puts his talents to wider use at cepezed.

Niek knew early on that he wanted to become an architect: 'The application of technical ingenuity combined with the search for creative, surprising solutions makes this the most wonderful job there is.' He chose cepezed because of our integral and efficient design methodology, in which sustainability and reuse are already considered in the sketch phase. In addition, he finds user-oriented design important: Niek likes to immerse himself in an organization and makes every effort to arrive at exactly the right working and living environments together with the user, a pleasant place in short.

Niek is a team player, not averse to complex spatial issues. He sharpens his ideas by sketching. This is why he started in the tender department, where he worked on several tenders, including Sunlight DSM in Delft, Police Station Drachten, House of Quantum and the squadron building in den Helder.