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Olmo Galletti, architectural engineer 

Olmo has been working at cepezed since early 2022. Due to his dual nationality and culture - French and Italian - he has a great, intrinsic motivation to explore the world and that includes projects. With his broad perspective, he enriches the team.


Besides studying architecture in Paris, Olmo worked for two years in his mother's Parisian architecture firm. As it was a small office, here he gained experience of multiple project phases, had direct contact with clients, companies and institutions and even managed the financial side of some projects. Being allowed to work on all aspects within projects is what he learned most from.

Olmo spent the first year of his master's degree studying in Oxford. His final project - a joint project with Alexandra Runcan - won the 'Trophée Béton Ecoles' in 2021. Olmo and Alexandra investigated the future possibilities after the decommissioning of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant, a complicated, topical subject. They see the interaction between man, nature and technology as a possible answer to the question of what to do with closed nuclear power plants.

The way cepezed approaches sustainability really appeals to Olmo. In particular, the creation of design and construction systems with the prefabricated elements, which saves material. 'At first glance, this rationalisation seems sterile and repetitive, yet all cepezed's projects have something unique.'

Among other projects, Olmo worked on the police headquarters in The Hague. In this project, there was a lot of focus on inserting artistic design into the existing building plans, but Olmo also deepened his technical experience there, especially in terms of detail.