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Sander Meert, architectural engineer 

has been working at cepezed since 2023. he has broad interests, a critical mind and enthusiastically links his creativity to the concept phase of the design. Because he also keeps an eye on detail, he is an asset to the tender team.

Sander graduated cum laude for his master's degree at TU Delft. During his studies, he spent six months studying at ETH Zurich. His focus is on the aesthetics of engineering and architectural detail. Not surprisingly, during his bachelor he did an internship with Koen van Velsen architects. Sander also gained work experience as a technical architect at Mecanoo, where he worked on the detailing of Villa BW in Schoorl, among other things.

In his graduation project within the studio 'Interiors, Buildings, Cities, A walled garden in Brussels', Sander analysed the constant building urge and transition of the European district in Brussels. With the underlying question of whether and how it is possible, as an architect, to distribute your design attention equally across all scale levels, including the social context. The detailed design for a plot containing the results of his research reflects both his philosophical pleasure in questioning an sich and his fascination with technology and eye for beauty.

Sander feels at home with the accuracy in cepezed's designs, which is directly related to the vision of a 'building as product'. It appeals to him that cepezed reduces material use by considering the utility of each element - and consequently leaving out irrelevant parts. 'For example, you get a toilet room without tiles and summary details in curtain walls.'

With one of the first projects Sander worked on in the tender team, cepezed immediately won a tender from ProRail: a series of overgrown facade elements for buildings along the railway.