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Sjoerd Beemster, architect 

Sjoerd has been working at cepezed since 2019. He finds satisfaction in working out a design to perfection, combining his precision with an enormously broad knowledge of sometimes surprising facts.

Sjoerd obtained his bachelor's degree in Construction Engineering in Amsterdam, followed by a master's degree in Heritage & Architecture at TU Delft. For his graduation project, he investigated the historical value of the Hammen farm on the TU Delft campus. He incorporated the results in a design in which the historic building functions as a restaurant and accommodation for guest lecturers and researchers of the TU.

Alongside his studies, Sjoerd worked freelance on designs for high-end villas and luxury renovations, in which he also expressed his interest in building technology and the existing environment. These are interests that also fit well within cepezed. 'The spaciousness of the interiors is very strong, because natural light is an important factor,' Sjoerd gives as an example.

Given these interests, it is no wonder that Sjoerd is proud of Fugro's headquarters. The spaciousness he so appreciates in cepezed's designs is reflected here in the daylight-rich atrium, which flows over into the outdoor space, as it were. This makes it a pleasant and natural meeting place. He also worked on the Smart Mobility Hub in Amsterdam, DSM Sunlight and Accelerator.

Not only in his studies and work Sjoerd puts his engineering knowledge to good use. For instance, he designed his own house and did the renovation himself. A large, but at the same time inspiring project, which therefore also benefited his work at cepezed.