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Contractor selected for TU Delft's new Logistics and Environment facility


A contractor has been selected for TU Delft's new Logistics and Environment facility. Contractor De Vries en Verburg is currently working on the technical design. Construction starts early next year. And completion of the new central hub for specialised substances is scheduled for early 2024.

security, transparency and biodiversity
The U-shaped building will function as a storage and distribution location for laboratory supplies used by the university's various laboratories. Together with TU Delft, cepezed found an optimal balance between security, transparency and biodiversity.

green and open appearance
"Where logistical centres are often 'tucked away' in a box behind a fence, the new Logistics and Environment building will have a green and open appearance. In terms of sustainability, the standards are high. Besides employee wellbeing and minimising CO2 impact, circularity has an important role to play for a futureproof, inspiring and lively campus," says TU Delft.

nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive
The building and its placement are designed to be nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive. The curved roofs are planted with lush vegetation matching the local biodiversity of the surrounding polder landscape. Through the use of large corten steel sliding gates and planted biodiverse slopes, the fence is in fact largely invisible and the security boundary incorporated into the landscape.

The new building consists of renewable and/or reused materials as much as possible. Lots of glass provides an open look appearance and optimal daylighting. Due to the solar panels on the roof, which are partly reused from the current accommodation, the new Logistics and Environment building will be energy neutral.

cepezed and cepezedinterieur - responsible for the design of the building and the interior - teamed up with Arcadis (construction advisor), Deerns (installation MEP advisor, building physics and fire safety), Aronsohn (project management) and Alba Concepts (sustainability advisor).

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