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beng-webinar with construction technologist joost heijnis

Construction technologist Joost Heijnis from cepezed was one of the guests in the recent webinar Designing and building according to BENG, organized by Eisma Bouwmedia in collaboration with ROCKWOOL.

With an effective date of January 1, 2021, the BENG requirements for new construction are already very close. Yet a lot of knowledge about the regulations is still lacking in the field, as the webinar showed. Almost 70% of the visitors, consisting of architects, consultants and contractors, indicated that they were not or not well informed about the comfort regulation TOjuli. The BENG indicators were neither well known to everyone.
app and concepts
André Kruithof of Nieman Consulting Engineers therefore extensively explained the requirements and discussed various energy concepts with which to meet them. Jurrian van Andel of ROCKWOOL discussed the role of cavity insulation for BENG and introduced the Cavity guarantee app. He pointed out that not only the thermal performance of insulation material is important, but also its sound insulation, fire safety and circularity.

regulation as a challenge
Joost Heijnis gave his vision on the impact of BENG on the architect. Joost does not see the regulations as a restriction of design freedom, but rather as a challenge to design better and smarter. Especially airtight construction with good and aesthetic details is a challenge. According to Heijnis, the tension between BENG and the norms for the Environmental Performance of Buildings is also a great challenge to achieve better buildings.

After registration, you can watch the full webinar through the website of Eisma Bouwmedia.

On the photograph: Joost Heijnis on the left, Jurriaan van Andel in the middle and host Henk Wind on the right.