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kick off construction plus ultra leiden

kadans science partner

Last week the construction of Plus Ultra Leiden on the Leiden Bio Science Park got off to a festive start! The integral design of the more than 19,000 m² of flexibly rentable laboratory and office spaces is made by cepezed and cepezedinterieur. The new building is being realized by Goossen Te Pas Bouw for Kadans Science Partner and is the first development in the Kop van Leeuwenhoek area, located at one of the entrances to the research park.

new business centre

The brand new research building will become a business centre for start-ups, scale-ups and large established companies and institutions active in biosciences, life sciences and health. Director of the Leiden Bio Science Park Ida Haisma says about this: “Public and private parties are coming together to work on innovations in the field of bioscience. The multidisciplinary possibilities in this building are unique and will help us in our aim to grow further into an innovation district.”

Plus Ultra Leiden responds to the growing need for customized laboratory housing. The extensive possibilities for connecting, meeting and presenting promote contact and exchange of knowledge as well as the cooperation between the different users. cepezed previously designed the Centre for Human Drug Research, located about a kilometre away on the park.

functional floor fields

The design shows three clearly legible building parts; each with large free spans of 16.2 meters. The eastern part of the building with a height of 40 meters, forms the sturdy building’s front and forms a landmark for the park entrance as well. The west and middle parts reach up to 20 meters. The middle section contains the entrance and the central atrium in which and around all the general facilities and informal meeting and collaboration areas are positioned. The lifts, escape stairs, shafts and technical areas are clustered in the two connecting zones between the three building parts. This makes the floor fields completely free and functional.

sustainability & delivery

In terms of sustainability, Plus Ultra Leiden is designed on a BREEAM-NL Excellent certification, just like the Accelerator building. This R&D innovation center is also designed by cepezed and cepezedinterieur and a development of Kadans at the Utrecht Science Park. Construction also started this spring. Plus Ultra Leiden is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2021.

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